Juventus excellently won the top of Group G from Barcelona with a super performance of two old men Gianluigi Buffon with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s Night

Since saying goodbye to Real Madrid to move to Juventus, now Cristiano Ronaldo has the opportunity to step on the familiar grass of Barcelona. And on the day of reuniting with rival Lionel Messi, CR7 played extremely impressively.

It was Ronaldo who directly brought the penalty to Juve in the first few minutes of the first half and succeeded in personally. Entering the second half, it was also the Portuguese superstar who determined the results of the showdown between Barca and Juventus with a cold and decisive 11m stone.

In addition to scoring the double, Ronaldo also impressed with his ability to attack, create opportunities for his teammates and especially support the defense. Surely many people watching live football still have not forgotten the situation of Ronaldo back to the end of the field to steal the ball in Messi’s feet. A ball phase has shown the flame of CR7’s never-ending determination.

Buffon is not old yet

Due to the ticket to the next round, coach Pirlo decided to create the opportunity for “close friend” Gianluigi Buffon to appear in the wooden frame of Juventus. And indeed, the 42-year-old goalkeeper once again surprised the viewers of the football live when time has not taken away the form and the super-saving skill set of the Italian legend.

During the 90 minutes, Buffon has repeatedly had situations that make the home team strikers discouraged, thereby helping the defenders of the Serie A champions stand up to the rise from Barcelona. In particular, Buffon excelled in defeating all 7 shots of superstar Lionel Messi in this match, in which there were situations where M10 was difficult to finish.

Although Ronaldo is the one who directly brought 3 points for Juve, but that did not alleviate the halo by Buffon’s excellent performance in this match.

Messi’s personal efforts and Lenglet’s mistakes

Before Juve, Messi was still Barca’s brightest star. He has a total of 11 finishes (7 hits), is the person who moves the most actively and is also the name with the most number of duels. However, the effort of El Pulga alone is not enough to help Barca get the top spot.

As usual, the defense is still the area that gives coach Ronald Koeman the most headache. Lenglet was afraid of the mighty of Ronaldo and Morata, thereby making a direct mistake, causing Barca to suffer 2 regrettable goals on the 11m mark. With what has been shown, soccer experts do not hesitate to appreciate the ability of the French midfielder to crush his pants on the bench in upcoming matches.