Son Heung Min has been called the obvious superstar in front of the eyes by the New York Times, that all numbers show that he is a superstar striker of world football in Tottenham’s shirt although public opinion is quite reluctant if must call you like that.

So is the level of Son Heung Min up to the level of a superstar like Cristiano Ronaldo?

One obstacle for Asian players when going to Europe is that scouts will always see them in two forms: or a hard-working player, always ready to play and obey the coach’s orders and accept. receive as background for other teammates, or a player is brought in for commercial purposes only.

With the former, it is not a bad thing, and it is true in Son Heung Min’s case. Coach Mauricio Pochettino once compared him to the rabbit mascot of the Energizer battery company, always full of energy and never gave up. Son’s agent said that in Hamburg when he was a teenager, Son spent many hours practicing alone instead of playing PlayStation with his teammates.

But when the coaching staff and teammates talk about Son, they use words to talk about an exemplary player, not about a superstar, because a superstar can’t just rely on hard work. No one called Park Ji Sung a superstar when he was at MU, so what makes Son Heung Min deserve to be called like that? Perhaps it is Son’s answer: “I am a brave and daring person.”

Combine that with his professional qualities, and he has a lot like Ronaldo: Kick in many positions, shoot well with both feet and be among the fastest players in the world, even when he dribbles well. Tactically, Son, as well as Ronaldo, have gone through many positions and roles in their careers, and have also undergone a physical transformation. The only thing Son was not like Ronaldo was his header skills, but Son still scored eight goals in his career.

Son’s background at Tottenham as well as Ronaldo at MU in the past, Son has been with Harry Kane in the past seasons as a very dangerous duo for Spurs and in Kane has a different style of play than a classic striker when he takes the trouble to step back. Down to get the ball and give Son a chance to score. In this regard, Kane – Son is also a pair that is no less than Rooney – Ronaldo, even Kane – Son is even better in scoring coordination.