MU and Man City have a great opportunity to buy Ronaldo and Messi in the summer transfer window next year to create an attractive confrontation in the Premier League.

Both Ronaldo and Messi are linked to the Premier League later this season. Ronaldo can return to MU, and Messi joins Man City. If these two deals are successful, MU and Man City promise to build very strong squads next season.

With MU, they can own a dream attack including Ronaldo, Rashford, Fernandes, and Greenwood. In particular, Ronaldo can kick the highest in attack and receive the support of the Rashford, Fernandes, and Greenwood trio.

In addition, coach Solskjaer can also arrange Ronaldo to kick the left wing of the field and arrange another player to kick the central striker like Rashford or Cavani.

Meanwhile, Man City is dreaming of the prospect of combining the trio of Messi, Aguero, Sterling in the attack. Messi still plays on the right wing of the field, Aguero kicks the striker and Sterling kicks the left. The three strikers are not worried about lack of “ammunition” when behind them is the genius conductor Kevin de Bruyne.

Currently, Juventus is considering the possibility of selling Ronaldo to solve financial difficulties caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. Barca wanted to keep Messi, but the Argentine striker wanted to leave because he was dissatisfied with the way the leadership of the club was working.

The likelihood of both these players moving to the Premier League is not high. Juventus still has a way to solve financial difficulties to continue to pay Ronaldo, while Messi will work with Barca’s new team before making the final decision.

But fans are still waiting for the prospect of Ronaldo and Messi continuing to compete on the Premier League pitch. In the past, the two had 33 direct encounters with Messi’s advantage (won 15, drew 9 and lost 9).