3. Bundesliga

German Bundesliga has been a dominant league in the European environment, its constant appeal in Europa and Champions League is remarkable. Home to Bayern Munich which is considered as the best football club in the world right now, people have arguably questioned the league’s competitiveness as Bayern is standing on another level compared to other teams in the league.

But now, teams like Dortmund have been giving Bayern a real competition for their money. With 1.59 goals per match, the league here are filled with excitement.

2. La Liga

Despite nurturing and having the most popular football players’ starts in the world and two of the richest football clubs, La Liga has not yet able to achieve the same level of success as the English Premier League. This league definitely features some of the most exciting matches, but it still holds the second place behind the English league.

The main reason might because outside of the top 3, there is hardly any clubs that can give competition to the giants of the Premier League. Though it has a close title finish and fiercely matches, the overall competitiveness of the league is quite mediocre which can’t compare to the league standing at the 1st place.

1. English Premier League

The most prestigious and popular football league in the world right now is the English Premier League. Though it might not feature the best starts in the world, it does provide the biggest entertainment to its fans. However, the quality of football has fluctuated in recent years due to declining of success at the European level.

But, it still is the most entertaining and exciting league where even the minnows can give the Giants a run for their money. Highly physical, entertaining and competitive, the league is home to some of the best football coaches in the world like Arsene Wenger, Sir Alex Furguson, Jurgen Klopp, etc.