Every major football nation has its own Football League and similar to any other case there must be arguments regarding which is the best Football League. Football leagues caught attention of people all throughout the world as all the best players in the world play together as well as compete in a way they can’t at the international level. In this article, we list the Most Popular Football Leagues in the World Right Now.


The football league of USA, MLS, is still in its early stage and yet to achieve the same level of popularity as the other leagues in this list but it’s been growing on a phenomenal rate. Most of this growth can be thanked to the fact that many of the best players in the world after retiring from the top clubs are coming to work here. One of the most handsome and famous footballers, David Beckham, played for LA Galaxy and Steven Gerrard also contributed some glamour to this football league. MLS deserves its place among the most famous football leagues in the world right now.

Argentine Primera

As the name suggests this league is founded by Argentina and has over the years has nurtured numerous talented players including two of the greatest footballer of all time, Messi and Maradona. With the recent development in the Argentine economy, the league has also seen substantial growth. With fierce competition and strong team members, it is one of the lesser-known leagues but are really great to watch. This league now ranks at the ninth place in the list of most popular football leagues in the world.

Mexican Liga MX

Liga MX is the Mexican football league and is one of the most amazing ones to watch. The unique style of Mexican football that has attracted many spectators during the World Cup is prevalent here. The league is pretty complex as it is divided into two parts Clausura and Apertura. One of the most aggressive and fierceful leagues in the world, it’s a goal-fest in Liga MX with some of the highest average number of goals per match. This league now also holds the eighth place among the most popular football leagues in the world.