Not only helped Real Madrid beat Inter Milan for the first time on the opponent’s field, Eden Hazard also solved the drought of goals in Europe’s most prestigious arena.

In the early morning of this morning, the match that was most interested by live football viewers was the duel between Inter Milan vs Real Madrid in the fourth match of Group B Champions League. Despite many difficulties in the early game, the Royal Spanish team still knows how to defeat the opponent to take a huge advantage in the race to win tickets to continue in this group. Those who scored to bring the final 2-0 victory for the visitors were Eden Hazard and the home goal of old Achraf Hakimi.

In this match, Eden Hazard was the one who scored the opening goal for Real Madrid with a successful cold free kick in the 7th minute. For the individual Belgian winger, this is a very good goal. meaning to you. Specifically, Hazard has solved his drought in the Champions League that lasted for more than 3 years. Before making Handanovic go into the net to pick up the ball in this morning’s match, the last time people watched live football have Hazard put his name on the scoreboard in Europe’s most prestigious arena was on November 22 /. 2017 in Chelsea’s 4-0 win over Qarabag. Notably, it was also the match that Hazard scored on the 11m mark.

In addition, Eden Hazard’s goal and Hakimi’s own own goal helped Real Madrid break through Inter Milan’s Giuseppe Meazza. Specifically, Los Blancos’ victory this morning was the first time the European champions in 2018 beat Inter Milan on the opponent’s field. Before that, this was Real Madrid’s nightmare stadium when they lost 5 and only earned 2 draws in their march.

The defeat against Real Madrid has put Inter Milan in danger in Group B. After four matches, the Nerazzurri have only won 2 points and they will officially say goodbye to the Champions League after the group stage in the two year in a row if not able to beat Gladbach on December 2.