Is Ronaldo surrendering to Immobile in the Golden Boot race? Do you know the answer to this question? Join us to find out the answer in the article below!

Cristiano Ronaldo considered surrendering to Ciro Immobile in the European Golden Shoe race after being silent at the Juventus match against Cagliari.

The Serie A top scorer race, as well as the European Golden Boot, are deemed to have ended after the penultimate round in Italy. While Cristiano Ronaldo was silent with Juventus, Ciro Immobile kept firing with Lazio to increase the distance.

Entering the procedural match after winning the championship, it is easy to understand that Juventus does not play with the strongest squad. Therefore, although Ronaldo decided not to rest, he also became more difficult to find the opportunity to score against Cagliari.

One notable detail is that Juventus has set its record of finishing (34) in a match in Serie A without scoring since Opta collected data from the 2004/05 season. But obviously CR7 and the teammates do not have many really dangerous opportunities.

After 90 minutes on the pitch, Cristiano Ronaldo still stopped at 31 goals and was widened by the opponent Immobile.

Before Brescia was relegated, Lazio won 2-0 and Immobile contributed a goal to raise the score to 35, officially surpassing Lewandowski (34) in the European Golden Shoe rankings.

Now Immobile with 35 Serie A goals has leveled Nordhal’s performance in the 1949/50 season and is only behind Gonzalo Higuain’s 36 goals in 2015/16.

The fact that Serie A has only one round left makes Ronaldo surrender in the race against Immobile when the difference has reached 4 goals. CR7’s Juventus meet AS Roma at home, while Lazio is still in the runners-up will face Napoli away.