Eden Hazard helps Real Madrid beat Inter Milan for the first time

Not only helped Real Madrid beat Inter Milan for the first time on the opponent’s field, Eden Hazard also solved the drought of goals in Europe’s most prestigious arena.

In the early morning of this morning, the match that was most interested by live football viewers was the duel between Inter Milan vs Real Madrid in the fourth match of Group B Champions League. Despite many difficulties in the early game, the Royal Spanish team still knows how to defeat the opponent to take a huge advantage in the race to win tickets to continue in this group. Those who scored to bring the final 2-0 victory for the visitors were Eden Hazard and the home goal of old Achraf Hakimi.

In this match, Eden Hazard was the one who scored the opening goal for Real Madrid with a successful cold free kick in the 7th minute. For the individual Belgian winger, this is a very good goal. meaning to you. Specifically, Hazard has solved his drought in the Champions League that lasted for more than 3 years. Before making Handanovic go into the net to pick up the ball in this morning’s match, the last time people watched live football have Hazard put his name on the scoreboard in Europe’s most prestigious arena was on November 22 /. 2017 in Chelsea’s 4-0 win over Qarabag. Notably, it was also the match that Hazard scored on the 11m mark.

In addition, Eden Hazard’s goal and Hakimi’s own own goal helped Real Madrid break through Inter Milan’s Giuseppe Meazza. Specifically, Los Blancos’ victory this morning was the first time the European champions in 2018 beat Inter Milan on the opponent’s field. Before that, this was Real Madrid’s nightmare stadium when they lost 5 and only earned 2 draws in their march.

The defeat against Real Madrid has put Inter Milan in danger in Group B. After four matches, the Nerazzurri have only won 2 points and they will officially say goodbye to the Champions League after the group stage in the two year in a row if not able to beat Gladbach on December 2.

MU and Man City can team with Ronaldo and Messi?

MU and Man City have a great opportunity to buy Ronaldo and Messi in the summer transfer window next year to create an attractive confrontation in the Premier League.

Both Ronaldo and Messi are linked to the Premier League later this season. Ronaldo can return to MU, and Messi joins Man City. If these two deals are successful, MU and Man City promise to build very strong squads next season.

With MU, they can own a dream attack including Ronaldo, Rashford, Fernandes, and Greenwood. In particular, Ronaldo can kick the highest in attack and receive the support of the Rashford, Fernandes, and Greenwood trio.

In addition, coach Solskjaer can also arrange Ronaldo to kick the left wing of the field and arrange another player to kick the central striker like Rashford or Cavani.

Meanwhile, Man City is dreaming of the prospect of combining the trio of Messi, Aguero, Sterling in the attack. Messi still plays on the right wing of the field, Aguero kicks the striker and Sterling kicks the left. The three strikers are not worried about lack of “ammunition” when behind them is the genius conductor Kevin de Bruyne.

Currently, Juventus is considering the possibility of selling Ronaldo to solve financial difficulties caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. Barca wanted to keep Messi, but the Argentine striker wanted to leave because he was dissatisfied with the way the leadership of the club was working.

The likelihood of both these players moving to the Premier League is not high. Juventus still has a way to solve financial difficulties to continue to pay Ronaldo, while Messi will work with Barca’s new team before making the final decision.

But fans are still waiting for the prospect of Ronaldo and Messi continuing to compete on the Premier League pitch. In the past, the two had 33 direct encounters with Messi’s advantage (won 15, drew 9 and lost 9).

Son Heung Min: The caliber of superstars

Son Heung Min has been called the obvious superstar in front of the eyes by the New York Times, that all numbers show that he is a superstar striker of world football in Tottenham’s shirt although public opinion is quite reluctant if must call you like that.

So is the level of Son Heung Min up to the level of a superstar like Cristiano Ronaldo?

One obstacle for Asian players when going to Europe is that scouts will always see them in two forms: or a hard-working player, always ready to play and obey the coach’s orders and accept. receive as background for other teammates, or a player is brought in for commercial purposes only.

With the former, it is not a bad thing, and it is true in Son Heung Min’s case. Coach Mauricio Pochettino once compared him to the rabbit mascot of the Energizer battery company, always full of energy and never gave up. Son’s agent said that in Hamburg when he was a teenager, Son spent many hours practicing alone instead of playing PlayStation with his teammates.

But when the coaching staff and teammates talk about Son, they use words to talk about an exemplary player, not about a superstar, because a superstar can’t just rely on hard work. No one called Park Ji Sung a superstar when he was at MU, so what makes Son Heung Min deserve to be called like that? Perhaps it is Son’s answer: “I am a brave and daring person.”

Combine that with his professional qualities, and he has a lot like Ronaldo: Kick in many positions, shoot well with both feet and be among the fastest players in the world, even when he dribbles well. Tactically, Son, as well as Ronaldo, have gone through many positions and roles in their careers, and have also undergone a physical transformation. The only thing Son was not like Ronaldo was his header skills, but Son still scored eight goals in his career.

Son’s background at Tottenham as well as Ronaldo at MU in the past, Son has been with Harry Kane in the past seasons as a very dangerous duo for Spurs and in Kane has a different style of play than a classic striker when he takes the trouble to step back. Down to get the ball and give Son a chance to score. In this regard, Kane – Son is also a pair that is no less than Rooney – Ronaldo, even Kane – Son is even better in scoring coordination.

How Mourinho secretly dragged Messi to Chelsea

The secret of Messi’s claim to Chelsea under Jose Mourinho in 2014 is revealed in the book “Grand Hotel Calciomercato” by Gianluca Di Marzio, a transfer news reporter currently working for Sky Sports.

The first time Lionel Messi publicly asked to leave Barca in August created a stream of information that shocked the football world during the transfer period of 2020. However, the past has seen this happen more than once, it is just that they are not made public on the news.

Before the release of a contract worth 700 million euros – the only lock to help President Josep Maria Bartomeu keep Messi in Barca this year, the same clause in the old contract at 250 million euros. And in 2014, Chelsea managed to unlock this lock, to bring him back to Stamford Bridge.

The story revealed by Gianluca Di Marzio in the latest book with a very long chapter. The Argentinian striker was promised a salary of 64.5 million euros a season, to create a deal that Di Marzio described as “the biggest secret ever revealed in the transfer world”. It stems from a Spanish court accusing Messi’s family of tax evasion in 2013, a problem that depressed the Argentinian superstar, considering playing in another country.

The excerpt below is the “heavenly secret” that Di Marzio mentioned, which revealed a conversation between Jose Mourinho with Messi, alongside the participation of father Messi, Mr. Jorge and Deco, former teammates in period 2004-2008 but also played for Chelsea from 2008-2010.

The deal failed at the last minute, which Di Marzio described as “shattering like a soap bubble”, despite Messi having agreed personal terms with Chelsea. Also in this chapter, Di Marzio confirmed that Real Madrid President Florentino Perez had prepared a sack of money to convince Messi to join Real a year before the meeting with Chelsea. But the Argentine striker refused, because he did not dare to become the second Luis Figo.

Tottenham – Chelsea: Mourinho rematches Lampard

Jose Mourinho is at risk of losing his old game Frank Lampard for the fourth time in a row, when Tottenham play Chelsea in the fourth round of the League Cup.

Mourinho has met Lampard three times as a coach and lost all three. The first time was when Lampard led first-class team Derby County to defeat Mourinho’s Man Utd in the League Cup 2018-2019 season. Last season, Lampard returned to coaching Chelsea, and grieved Mourinho’s Tottenham both at home and away in the Premier League. It was the first time in history that a team had beaten Mourinho both games in one league season.

But Mourinho is hard to regain when Tottenham have to play three games in five days, and this is the third match. On September 27, Mourinho’s teachers and students were held by Newcastle in the third round of the Premier League. Mourinho had to withdraw Son Heung-min after the first half of that game to support the Korean striker – a factor that made Tottenham lose the victory. On the evening of October 1, Rooster will host Maccabi Haifa in the Europa League play-off round.

Compared to the value of reaching the Europa League group stage, Tottenham was forced to let go of the League Cup. Mourinho expressed: “I really want to go deep in the League Cup, but I cannot myself. Attending the Europa League gives us a better financial income. For a team like Tottenham, it is the same important factor”.

Not only a disadvantage in terms of schedule, the current Tottenham team cannot match the opponent. Chelsea has spent nearly 290 million dollars to reinforce forces this summer. Despite earning only four points after three Premier League games, equal to Tottenham, the home team Stamford Bridge is considered a force this season.

Solskjaer: Man Utd kicked slowly as a friendly

Coach Ole Solskjaer thinks that Man Utd has not yet caught up with the Premier League, due to a few friendly matches before the season.

“Man Utd did not deserve anything from losing to Crystal Palace,” Solskjaer told Sky Sports. “We started slowly and badly, like a friendly. Crystal Palace was kicking. It could be seen the difference in preparation of the two teams. Crystal Palace played four friendlies, and three official matches. Man Utd only played a friendly match last week. The defeat against Crystal Palace is our first official match. Man Utd lacks more preparation.

Man Utd prepared for the new season later than the rest of the Premier League, due to the Europa League semi-finals last season. When the opponents played the first round last weekend, Man Utd were friendly with Aston Villa first. And Crystal Palace beat Southampton in the first round, then lost to Bournemouth in the League Cup. At Old Trafford on the evening of September 19, Roy Hodgson’s teachers and students defeated Man Utd 3-1.

“Crystal Palace is faster and stronger than we are,” added Solskjaer. Man Utd could not continue to play like a practice kick. The next game was on Tuesday night, against Luton Town in the League Cup. We have to quickly improve the playstyle. The last performance was not worthy of the team. There are other players in the Premier League. Seven players are not on the registration list for many reasons. The number of substitutes is also large. They will probably claim to play in the next game.

Head midfielder Nemanja Matic and right-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka are out of action. Young talent Mason Greenwood is not fit and only kicks the second half. Man Utd held the ball more, but the danger was in favor of the visitors.

Solskjaer also failed to accept the goal to increase the score to 2-0 by Wilfried Zaha. He said: “That penalty is heavy, too heavy. Getting the foul of David de Gea is also too heavy, as he just pushed the excellent penalty. Maybe De Gea was only a few centimeters above the line. But that’s the way it is, and I can’t say more”.

Messi quit training, did not cooperate with coach Koeman

Leo Messi continued to show determination to leave Barcelona when he was absent from the latest training session under the direction of coach Koeman.

Before the 2019/20 season, hardly anyone thought Messi could leave Barcelona. However, that is about to become a reality. The Argentine superstar sent a certified third-party (burofax) fax to Barcelona last week of his wish to leave.

However, Barcelona flatly rejected this offer from Messi. Like an act of retaliation, Messi did not appear during the medical examination and Covid-19 test before entering the new club season which took place on Sunday (August 30).

On the morning of August 31, a lot of reporters gathered in front of Barcelona’s training center to wait for Messi to appear in the club’s training session, but this superstar was still silent. According to Sky Sports, the M10 will not train with Barcelona because it feels not part of Coach Koeman’s squad.

Currently, Barcelona has not had an official announcement about Messi’s last two absences. Will the Argentinian superstar announce to leave the club or stay in the spontaneous way? If the M10 is absent with a good reason, Barcelona should disclose it to avoid misunderstanding. In contrast, Barcelona should also act to sanction the disorganized behavior of the Argentine striker.

Previously, another Barcelona player, Ousmane Dembele, suddenly quit training for no reason. The club has handled this very well with very quick updates. However, this incident does not seem so simple.

According to Sky Sports, Messi has submitted a request to meet the management of the team directly this week to resolve his future. Mundo Deportivo also revealed that M10’s father, Jorge Messi – will represent his son to meet with President Josep Bartomeu on Wednesday (September 2) to find the most peaceful solution for the parting of the century. this.

Currently, La Liga has sided with Barcelona when it denied a special clause to help Messi freely leave the Nou Camp this summer and recognized the contract break fee of both sides is 700 million euros. That is an unbelievable price for any team.

The best possibility for Messi on the negotiating table is that Barcelona agrees to let go for a reasonable price. In the worst case, the Argentinian superstar may need to take the winter transfer window to find a new park and leave after the 2020/21 season ends.

How strong is the Bayern Munich 2020 squad?

With stars such as Neuer, Alaba, Mueller and especially the bombing king Lewandowski, the Bayern Munich 2020 team is capable of conquering titles from domestic to continental.

FC Bayern München - KONAMI Official Partnership | PES - eFootball ...

On the morning of August 15, Bayern Munich crushed Barca superstar Lionel Messi 8-2. This is a match where the students of Coach Hans-Dieter Flick gave the opponent no time to breathe, let alone hold and play the ball.

Although not all players are listed as a star, under the shaping hands of coach Flick, Bayern Munich has become a winning machine, a team that any opponent is afraid of when facing.

According to Transfermarkt, all members of Bayern Munich are valued at approximately 1 billion euros, to be exact 929.25 million, nearly 3 times higher than their opponents in the semi-finals – Lyon (358.75 million euros).

List of squad Bayern Munich 2020 (shirt number, name, nationality, year of birth):

1. Manuel Neuer (Germany, 1986)

2. Álvaro Odriozola (Spain, 1995, borrowed from Real Madrid)

4. Niklas Süle (Germany, 1995)

5. Benjamin Pavard (France, 1996)

6. Thiago Alcantara (Spain, 1991)

8. Javi Martínez (Spain, 1988)

9. Robert Lewandowski (Poland, 1988)

10. Leroy Sané (Germany, 1996)

10. Philippe Coutinho (Brazil, 1992, borrowed from Barca)

11. Michaël Cuisance (France, 1999)

13. Alexander Nübel (Germany, 1996)

14. Ivan Perišić (Croatia, 1989, borrowed from Inter Milan)

15. Fiete Arp (Germany, 2000)

17. Jérôme Boateng (Germany, 1988)

18. Leon Goretzka (Germany, 1995)

19. Alphonso Davies (Canada, 2000)

21. Lucas Hernandez (France, 1996)

22. Serge Gnabry (Germany, 1996)

23. Tanguy Kouassi (France, 2002)

24. Corentin Tolisso (France, 1994)

25. Thomas Müller (Germany, 1989)

26. Sven Ulreich (Germany, 1988)

27. David Alaba (Austria, 1992)

29. Kingsley Coman (France, 1996)

32. Joshua Kimmich (Germany, 1995)

35. Joshua Zirkzee (Netherlands, 2001)

39. Ron-Thorben Hoffmann (Germany, 1999)

European football concussion matches in August: Waiting for Messi to fight Ronaldo (Part 2)

Juventus – Lyon (2h, 7/8, round of 1/8 Champions League round): “She dress” upstream?

Juventus had trouble when striker Paulo Dybala felt uncomfortable in his left leg against Sampdoria. Fortunately for the Turin team, according to the doctors, Dybala’s injury is not too serious, although it still needs to be monitored further.

Các trận đấu chấn động bóng đá châu Âu tháng 8: Chờ Messi đấu Ronaldo, MU ra oai - 2

This is good news for Juventus. Because after winning the 9th Serie A championship in a row, the students of coach Maurizio Sarri are showing signs of being overloaded. In the first leg, Juventus lost to Lyon 0-1, so it is necessary to add “artillery” like Dybala, along with owner Ronaldo – who was rested in the match against Roma in the last round of Serie A, to hope to reverse the situation.

Man City – Real Madrid (2h, 8/8, round of 1/8 Champions League round: Difficulties to wait

The European Football Federation allows Man City to play against Real Madrid at home at Etihad. In the first leg, Real lost 1-2 at the Bernabeu home field. Therefore, the task with coach Zinedine Zidane and his students in the rematch of the former Premier League is extremely difficult.

Các trận đấu chấn động bóng đá châu Âu tháng 8: Chờ Messi đấu Ronaldo, MU ra oai - 4

Real Madrid is unbeaten in 11 La Liga games when returning after Covid-19. In it, there are 10 consecutive victories and only draw the last round when champion. Therefore, coach Pep Guardiola recently warned City players to focus, if they want to win the right to the Champions League quarter-finals.

Barcelona – Napoli (2h, 8/8, round of 1/8 Champions League round): Messi angry?

In the La Liga, Barcelona was bitterly transformed by Real Madrid. If you can not conquer the Champions League, this will be a very catastrophic season for the Catalunya team.

Therefore, fans are waiting for Lionel Messi’s talent to shine, bringing Barca deep in the Champions League. Barcelona promises to have a rematch with the Italian representative is not easy, especially in the context of the two teams drew 1-1 in the first leg.

In particular, Barca is at risk of losing Ousmane Dembele and Samuel Umtiti by various problems. Clement Lenglet is also suffering from a groin injury and this makes Quique Setien coach no more options in the defense. Besides, midfielder Arthur Melo also refused to play for this team, after having signed a contract with Juventus.

European football concussion matches in August: Waiting for Messi to fight Ronaldo (Part 1)

The English Premier League and the top European leagues have ended. But this August promises a lot of great battles that fans can wait for, because of its importance.

Brentford – Fulham (1:45, August 4): The match of hundred million pounds

Fulham will face Brentford in the play-off final – the most expensive match in the world – to compete for the last ticket to the Premier League arena in the 2020/21 season. In two semi-finals, Fulham defeated Cardiff while Brentford overcame Swansea with a score of 3-2 after two matches.

Các trận đấu chấn động bóng đá châu Âu tháng 8: Chờ Messi đấu Ronaldo, MU ra oai - 1

The winning team in this match not only won the promotion but also earned hundreds of millions of pounds. It includes TV royalties, shirt sponsorships, pitch ads, ticket sales and many other valuable revenues only in the Premier League.

This is the first time in Brentford history to attend a Premier League final. Meanwhile, Fulham has for many years left the most attractive tournament in the world. Therefore, both will certainly play very determinedly in the unforgiving battle at Wembley.

MU – LASK Linz (2h, 5/8, round of 1/8 Europa League round): “Red Devil” straight ahead

MU had won LASK 5-0 on the visitors in the first leg. Basically, the ticket to the quarterfinals of the Europa League has been in the “Reds” bag. And in this rematch, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has the right to rotate the squad, keeping the strength of the pillars in the next round.

Các trận đấu chấn động bóng đá châu Âu tháng 8: Chờ Messi đấu Ronaldo, MU ra oai - 2

After making sure to attend the Champions League 2020/21, MU will be relieved of the psychological burden when attending the Europa League. Solskjaer’s team will only attend this tournament with the goal of winning the championship, without having to think too much about the goals for the European Cup next season.

According to the results of the Europa League branch draw on 10/7, in case of overcoming LASK, MU will meet the winning team in the Copenhagen – Istanbul Basaksehir match. If they continue to the semi-finals, MU’s opponent will be the team that continues in the Wolves / Olympiacos – Roma / Sevilla branch. It can be seen that MU’s branch is not too heavy, and they will probably go deep.